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研究施設共用総合ナビゲーションサイト「共用ナビ」 大学や独立行政法人等の研究機関が有する研究施設の共用(広範な分野の外部の利用)を促進するため、産学官の利用者に対し必要な情報の収集・提供を行いつつ、研究開発活動に適切な研究施設までご案内するものです。
The High Voltage Electron Microscope Laboratory of Nagoya University's Ecotopia Science Institute is currently contributing in the "High Performance Electron Microscopy in Support of Bio and Nanoscience" as part of the Open Advanced Research Facilities Initiative program provided by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology of Japan.

This program offers advantageous environment for research by granting various research centers in industries, universities, and public experimental institutions the opportunity to share supplies and equipments.
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The electron microscope is a strong weapon for exploring bioscience and nanoscience. Nagoya University is Japan's most world-famous electron microscope station.
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Major Research Topics
Chemical Analysis of Positve Electrode in
Lithium Ion Battery
Cross-sectional Structure of SiC Crystals and SiC Interface Microscopic Structure of Rolling Contact Fatigue in White Layer
Distribution of Electric Field in Interface of pn Junction in LED
High Resolution Image of Catalyst for Exhaust Gas in Automobiles Board-Solder Joints in Electroless Nickel Plating
Changes in Steel with Alloyed Liquid Zinc Plating (GA) Toughening of Ceramics
by Tough Cera Method
Wetting of Liquid Metal
Observing the Structure of Cracks and Surroundings (Si) (1) Observing the Structure of Cracks and Surroundings (Si) (2) Structural Changes in Catalyst for Exhaust Gas Purification
Measurements of Layered
Energy Loss (1)
Measurements of Layered
Energy Loss (2)
Steel with Alloyed Liquid Zinc Plating (GA)
Cross Section of Surface
Oxide on SiC Single Crystals
Defective Structure of
Direct Nanoindentation
Substructure of Fracture from Charpy Test
Dislocation in Crystals with High Anisotropic Elasticity InSb as a Non-Stoichiometric Component Observing Si-Al Alloy Interface
Preparation and Evaluation of Iron-based Magnetic Particles Hillock on LCD Aluminium Wiring Whisker on Aluminium Wiring
Observing Alumina Interface(1)   Observing Alumina Interface (2)  
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Lab Reports
Structural Analysis of
Nanopaste Sintered Membrane
Structral Analysis of
Nano Metal Ink Membrane
Analysis of KYM Porous Light-weighted Ceramics
Observing Organic Particles in Electrophoto graphic Toner Structural Analysis of Magnetic Particle Surface
Depletion of Materials in Rechargeable Lithium Battery
Structural Analysis of Phase Separation in Hydrous Contact Lens Research and Development of Multilayered Film in Mo/Si EUV Optical Mirror
Damping Properties in Stainless Materials
Structural Observation and Compositional Analysis of Cerium Oxide Powder Microstructure of Electropolished Surface on Stainless Steel
Steel and Al Alloy Bonding During Cold Forging
Structural Analysis of Fine Wiring Pattern Observing Water Repellency in Antifouling Paint Crystallinity in Polymer
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Sample Preparation Devices
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Low accelerating ion milling Gentle Mill Model IV5
Fine ion milling GATAN PIPS Model 691
NTT-AT/Petit polisher POP-101
Meiwa/Carbon coater CADE-E
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